Error Code - Blink Canon ip 2700 Printer

Error Code - Blink Canon ip 2700 Printer

Pixma series issued since 1300, Canon instill the same error code on the printer-printer, including some type of new printer, call it IP2770.These printers will give you the code in the form of code blinking (blinking error code) if you have a problem. What error message behind the Canon printer is that nge-blink? Please see the following brief notes.

The most common case is, when the printer is turned on full flame green light (read = normal) without blinking. But then when used for a new print and accompanied by flashing a warning window on your screen like the illustration below, meaning Printer Ink Cartridge report that you are alleged to have run out. This case only occurs after installing new cartridges or refill the original cartridge. Ink endless timing is based on the number of printer usage and process maintenance (cleaning and deep-cleaning) that has been done. So sometimes reporting that has run out of printer ink is not always the same as the real condition. Especially if your printer has been using infusion the ink. 

The solution: As mentioned in the warning window on your monitor, please press the Resume button at least 5 seconds then release. 

In addition to the above, there are some error messages that need to be read based on the number of blinking indicator lights as follows: 

7x alternately blinking green and orange, or 1x green, 1x orange, 1x green, 1x orange, 1x green and so on. 
Meaning: Waste Ink Pad Full / Ink Absorber full. Solution: You need to clean / replace the ink absorbent foam in the bottom of the printer. Then you need to reset printers with special software. To Pixma IP2700 series you can find the complete guide in my post entitled This is How to Reset Printer Canon IP2700 Series. 

3x orange 1x green. 
Meaning: There is damage in the mechanical printer. Solution: In this case you should bring your printer to the service center. 4x orange 1x green. 
Meaning: The printer absorber full (Waste Ink Pad Full). Solution: The printer you need to reset the software as above. 5x orange 1x green 
Meaning: Cartridge color / black damaged. Solution: Check the same type printer cartridges on the other, then replace the cartridge color / black damaged. NB: Damage to the cartridge can be caused by many things, among others: IC chip is damaged, dirty connectors, shorting because of the ink, etc.. 7x orange 1x green 
Meaning: Color Cartridge defective. Solution: Replace the color cartridge. 8x orange 1x green: 
Meaning: ink tank full. Solution: The printer you need to reset the general software resetter tool. 14x/15x orange 1x green 
That is: black cartridge is damaged. Solution: replace the black cartridge, complete.

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